Join us for  “Surviving the Holidays”, a single event seminar in which participants and professional counselors discuss ways to help you through one of life’s most difficult experiences.   “Surviving the Holidays” groups meet throughout the U.S. and Christ Community Springville hosts each year in our surrounding community/area on the first Sunday in November from 4:00-5:30PM. (map).   It will be facilitated by Bob & Eunice Galloway, who have had both parents die plus a daughter due to childhood cancer.


 See below for a few practical tips for “Surviving the Holidays”



The True Meaning of Christmas

Griefshare’s “Surviving the Holidays” aims to help you focus on and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas in a simple manner.

At Christmas, Jesus came to end all suffering

We celebrate Christ’s entrance into the world, but we need to ask why He came.   Because of what Jesus came to do, the Bible tells us that one day there will be no more tears, disease, tragedy, suffering or death.  That’s a reason for hope.

At Christmas, Jesus came to deal with the source of our suffering

As part of God’s plan to fix what is wrong with the world, He’s going to do more than stop death, disease, famines and natural disasters; He’s also going to renew people. And yes, we all need to be renewed. Why? Because the same thing that causes all the world’s problems is the same thing that causes us to be selfish, bitter, unforgiving, unfaithful and unreasonable. The Bible calls it sin. The Bible also teaches us that sin affects everything: our thinking, our relationships, our environment and our health.

This Christmas the gift of Christ is available for you

Just as a Christmas present only becomes yours as you receive it, the gifts of forgiveness and a new life in Christ Jesus only become yours as you receive Him, by faith. God offers you this gift of a relationship with Him, a relationship that allows you to experience the healing and comfort that you desperately need, and a relationship that guarantees an eternity spent with Him in the perfect, tear-free reality that He’s designing.



  • PREPARE beforehand a holiday planning checklist of the activities you want to continue, simplify, or drop
  • DON’T ANESTHETIZE the pain with drugs or alcohol. Numbing emotional distress with chemicals creates more depression
  • REACH out to OTHERS by discovering people who might be alone during the holidays

More will be covered at the seminar