Have you noticed the changes we’ve made in the last few weeks? Are you curious about what we’re doing next? Read on.

We are done with phase 1, and that is only the beginning. You can see pictures of our progress on our Facebook page.

The Lord has blessed our fellowship. If you have considered visiting with us, now is a great time to do so.

Phase 1 – Goal: Safety (Complete)

Parents can now let their children run free and we gained a nicer property in general. Every comment we’ve received has been a positive one. What exactly did we do? We Added a new fence along highway 11 and planted shrubbery to hide the fence. In about a year the fence will not be visible. We built a new sidewalk, planted grass and plants, and also moved the storage shed in preparation for future expansion.


Phase 2 – Goal: Accessibility (Planning)

We want a building that is accessible to everyone. A newly paved parking lot will make it easier for everyone to get from their car to the building. It will also look nice!

Phase 3 – Goal: Expansion (Future)

We are outgrowing our current sanctuary. We will take advantage of additional space in our current building by removing the old house (current nursery), building a new entry with bathrooms in its place, and updating the existing sanctuary to double our current capacity.

When this phase is complete we will have one of the premiere properties in Springville. We are proud to be part of the Springville community and want to add to the beauty of the city. We are known for proclaiming the truth of God’s grace and we believe our property updates will help us continue doing that.

Phase 4 – Goal: Long-Term Home (Future)

There are a few different options for this one. We will either build a new sanctuary on our existing property or purchase land for a new campus. We expect this to be 3+ years into the future. Our long-term plans are to continue in the tradition of church planting that brought us into existence. We are a church plant out of Community Presbyterian in Moody, AL. Community Presbyterian was a church plant out of Briarwood in the 80’s. We will work toward beginning a new church plant in a neighboring community as we grow and decisions around that will impact phase 4 and beyond.

Additional Items

We have other items that will need to fit somewhere in these phases or be side projects in between phases. These include:

  • Paint outside of existing sanctuary where there is no stucco
  • Stucco remainder of existing sanctuary
  • Build a new storage building that better fits the property
  • Sell our existing storage building (interested?)
  • Replace roof on existing sanctuary
  • Clear brush on end of property toward the High School
  • Update heating/cooling in existing sanctuary
  • Build a playground