Does your church have a solid software system for keeping up with people? We recently signed up for a new service at and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made as a church. We are a mission church in the PCA and our growth outpaced our previous system. Breeze plugs into tools we were already using and provides us with functionality we did not previously have available to us.

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Breeze may not be the right choice for the largest of congregations, but I believe it would satisfy the needs of most congregations. We pay $50 a month for unlimited access to all the features. We are able to accept gifts on our website and manage gifts/tithes through Breeze. Our members can also log into Breeze to print their own giving statements at any time.

We are able to record check-ins for events and although we have not used this functionality yet, we could print name tags on the spot for those events. This would be excellent for managing a nursery or any one-time event. Breeze handles the fundamental aspects of keeping information about individual people and families. It can serve as a password protected church directory built to work seamlessly on our member’s mobile devices. It allows us to create forms for activities and even collect money based on answers to questions on those forms.

These features are not ground breaking, but what I have found is that the software is simple. People who use it in our congregation understand it the first time they login. I signed up and had it configured and functioning within an hour. I clicked a button on their site to request a free demo and they generated a personalized demo site immediately so I could actually use the site rather than watching a sales demo.

Breeze is simple, modern and well thought out without being limited on features. It is relatively inexpensive and there is no long-term commitment. It is secure and essentially just what we need because it helps us do the work of Gospel ministry more efficiently.

This may sound like a sales pitch, but it is not. I am an ordained minister with nearly 20 years experience in the software development industry so I was excited to find Breeze. I have no affiliation to the team at Breeze, but I appreciate them. We’ve been using Breeze for a couple of months now and they have already released new features twice. The team at Breeze is nimble and they understand what it takes to create beautiful software. Check it out if your church is looking to upgrade from your current solution.