thats-allWe are closing in on the end of our study in Ecclesiastes. What began with the hopeless vanity of vanities has awakened us to our need for redemption from this world rather than redemption in this world. We do not need victory on earth. We do not simply need to be the greatest people living in the greatest earthly kingdom. We need a savior who has conquered sin and death. One that will usher in a new heaven and a new earth. One that will break the curse that has subjected all of creation to futility. We need God’s anointed one. We need Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Solomon and others in the Old Testament had a limited viewpoint. The final revelation in Christ was yet future for them. The Lord gave them limited clarity of His plans as they lived in the shadows. Our viewpoint on the other hand is full of hope because we see how the vanity of toil in this life is made valuable in Christ. We have visibility into eternity. Our visibility is limited, but we have the eternal Spirit of God dwelling in us and we see how the fruit He produces has eternal value and consequences.

“This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” The Psalmist (118:24) urges us to see each day in a different light. Christ is the light of the world that enables us to see the kingdom of God. We can rejoice inwardly and let our gladness shine outwardly because we see God with greater clarity. This life is full of vanity due to death, but victory over death has been won and it is ours in Christ.

Yes, our study in Ecclesiastes is coming to an end, but the impact this study will have on our lives will not end. Many of Solomon’s statements were difficult and confusing, but we worked through them and the overarching message pointed out our need for something more than this world can offer. Solomon knew the answer rested in God, and the New Testament fills out the message for us through the Son of God and the Spirit of God.

This Sunday we will be in Ecclesiastes 11. Come. Rest. Enjoy.