We live under the sun. A simple yet rich statement. The casual hearer may move on without pause, but the book of Ecclesiastes hopes for a different reaction. Its author hopes we will pause and consider the repercussions of this statement.

eggEcclesiastes strikes at the heart of life when it uses these words. The weight and depth of them is meant to bear down upon us. Solomon screams over the millennia to anyone who will listen. He wants us to live under the Son while living under the sun.

The message of Ecclesiastes is simple yet the delivery can be complex at times. The simple message is this: the struggles of this life will never be conquered until the Lord intervenes and removes them. In light of this we ought to enjoy life and wait patiently upon the Lord. Simple message. Difficult to implement. The Spirit of God was given that we might enjoy the Lord forever, which includes today.

Come study the remainder of Ecclesiastes with us. We pick up in chapter 8 this Sunday.