advent-websiteWe come to the last Sunday of the Advent season this week and we look to the message of the Angels.  Peace!  We long for peace and the Angels promised it.  The Angel’s promise is not their own, but rather it is the promise of the Lord of all Creation.  They are simply messengers.  The coming Savior, Immanuel, would bring peace to men.  He would reconcile His people to the God to whom they were born enemies.  To whom we have sinned against.

Jesus Christ is our peace.  The Savior that was coming to Israel has come as announced by the Angels and is coming again to take us to the place He has prepared for us.  On Christmas day we celebrate the advent of peace on earth in the birth of the Christ.  Peace with God.  A future peace that reaches back into our current day and fills us with hope and begins to bring joy now.  Come celebrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ with us this Sunday at 10:30 am.