As with most holidays, Mother’s day is driven heavily by economics in today’s world.  This is not to say it isn’t important, but rather that this drive pushes us off the mark of what we ought to be commending and celebrating in women.  The Lord has given each of us a responsibility and on this day we honor those who have been given the role of mother in order to recognize their diligence in persevering in this often difficult work.  Our world is tempting mothers to shirk their responsibilities by calling them to walk away from living out motherhood in a godly manner.  Today we commend those who have sought to honor God in the role He has given them.  While the most godly mother may cry out, “Woe is me the chief of sinners,” when they consider their work as mothers, we ask each of you today to consider yourselves blessed and rejoice that God has given you this great privilege.  When God chooses to give a child to a woman, He also gives the responsibility to love and nurture that child in a manner consistent with the truth He has given us.  To all of those who have persevered in the midst of feeling inferior, incapable, and unworthy, we say thank you and we love you!

This mother’s day we thank each of you who are mothers as you have worked hard doing what often feels mundane yet continuing forward without complaint knowing your full reward will be seen when Christ returns for His own.  We acknowledge your sacrifice and the influence you have had on all of us sitting around you.  Thank you for your service in the kingdom.

We do not simply praise the moms today, though.  Our thanks is also directed to our God through whom all things were made.  We thank Him for making you and for giving you the role of mother.  We thank Him for deciding to propagate mankind through women.  We thank Him for revealing Himself to us through the role of mother.  We thank Him for His great wisdom in making the world a better place to live by providing a helper to Adam who then enabled Him to fulfill God’s command to be fruitful and multiply.

All praise and honor is due to His name, and appreciation, respect and most importantly love is due to all the mother’s who have offered themselves as sacrifices to God as they died to themselves and gave themselves to the Lord through their service to their children and families.  We acknowledge our need for you all to persevere in training your own children and all of the children in the Church in righteousness.  We acknowledge the need for the older mothers to teach and help the younger mothers.  And in all of this we ask the Lord to help you and to give us wisdom of how we might make your roles in the Church easier.

Thank you to all the mothers.  May your day be peaceful and joyful and may your lives be lived to the glory of His gracious name!